Total Nasal Rx

Clinical Case

Persistent nasal obstruction, nasal congestion, excessive mucus production, pressure headaches and sleeping difficulties, failed medical Rx.

Laser Used

Epic-S Diode Laser 940 nm

Accessory Used

400 um bare fiber tip, white tip, 100mm, use two tips for bilateral cases
Surgery handpiece

Treatment Parameters

6 Watt CW, start with non-contact mode and blanch the area of PNN (posterior / lateral wall of middle meatus) to follow with interstitial, in-contact mode ablation, of septal swell bodies and inferior turbinate

Authored by Physician

Yosef Krespi, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology, Hofstra School of Medicine, New York

Patient Symptoms

Can range from persistent or recurrent nasal obstruction, congestion and nasal drip. Pressure headaches and sleep disturbance is very common.Medical management should be tried first for at least three months.


Endoscopic exam and palpation will demonstrate turbinate and septal swell body hypertrophy septal deviation may be present. CT scan without contrast will confirm the diagnosis.


The management is considered medical. Upon trial and failure of various medical and allergy therapies, this minimally invasive, in-office laser surgical approach should be considered.

Laser Surgery, Pre-Op

Anesthesia is achieved with local injection of 2% lidocaine with epinephrine 1:100,000.