Eustachian Tube Rx

Clinical Case

Pressure, pain, ringing, popping or clogged ears. Possible mild hearing loss.

Laser Used

Epic-S Diode Laser 940 nm

Accessory Used

400um, 100mm fiber tip

Treatment Parameters

6-8 Watts, CW, or pulse, non-contact or interstitial mode

Authored by Physician

Yosef Krespi, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology, Hofstra School of Medicine, New York

Patient Symptoms

Persistent ear symptoms listed above, with or without decreased hearing. Failed medical management with decongestives, steroids and/or antimicrobial agents.


History of recurrent ear infections. Failed hearing test and tympanogram.


Consider laser treatment for abnormal findings around ET orifice, such as tubal tonsils, synechia, nasopharyngeal cysts, and hypertrophy of ET fat pads (Ostmann). The laser treatment can be combined with ET dilatation to increase success.

Laser Surgery, Pre-Op

Topical anesthesia is necessary, patient will experience minor heat effect of the back of nose during treatment. Laser can be pulsed in order to allow cooling of the region if excessive heat is generated.


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